Sorting, Filtering, or Ordering Sites on DevKinsta

Now that I have an abundance of sites within devKinsta - the lack of organization is becoming problematic.

It could be as simple as ordering the sites (by name?) or by tag ? Stacks? folders (e.g. by client)

But it is getting out of control.

  • Tom Ransom

Thanks for the feature request @onebigidea !

+1 on this.
And I would add tagging too. That would make it easier to group projects at least :slight_smile:

+1 on this - We have 60+ websites we manage and it can get to be a lot in DevKinsta.

+1 on this request!

Meanwhile, here’s a workaround to manually sort (and modify) DevKinsta sites on your machine:

  1. Quit DevKinsta !!
  2. Open up the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DevKinsta/ in Finder (macOS)
  3. Make a backup of config.json !!
  4. Open the config.json - either in a text editor, or using a tool like Smart JSON Editor.
  5. Reorganize the items inside the sites array. I used the Smart JSON Editor and did it via drag-and-drop
  6. Save the config.json changes
  7. Start DevKinsta :slight_smile:

Oh, and did I mention to be careful when editing that config file? Always make sure to completely quit the DevKinsta app and take a backup of the file before making any changes!

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