Set DevKinsta ports to other than 80/443

Please allow users to specify ports other than 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS.


+1! I’m having issues because there’s some mystery usage on 80 and/or 443 that’s causing installation to stop.

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+1 me also. I have Local by Flywheel installed, if that may be conflicting.

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Other local servers running and this would be a big help.

+1 Please add me to the list.

+1… I got it to work, but had to kill several processes. Not ideal.


I run other dev projects using a local web server, need to be able to put DevKinsta on different ports.


I have Mac Homebrew ENV that I use for non WordPress projects. Would be great to have DevKinsta use other ports.

Custom ports would be great! I’m using MAMP Pro for some other projects, and would love to have both tools active at the same time.

I have to use a few local web servers which use port 80 and port 443.
And I would like to use DevKinsta at the same time, but there is no solution in DevKinsta in this case.

I agree with Gilad Ehven!

And if it would take some time for the DevKinsta team to make it come true, until that time, I hope to have some other temporary or bypass solution for this issue by the team.

For example, if another PID is using port 80 and port 443, Local by Flywheel handles this issue by making a special mode available to the user.
That is, the user can use the app even under this condition by using http://localhost:xxxxx/ (a 5-digit number unique to each site, and https cannot be used).

Currently, under this condition, DevKinsta cannot even open the app.