Pull / sync / download changes from Kinsta live to imported site

What is the easiest way to pull / sync / download changes made in the Kinsta live environment once the site has been imported locally? I was expecting to see a ‘Pull from live’ button in the interface but can’t currently see one! The expected behaviour would be that this would wipe and replace the local environment.

This would be helpful in the case where the local environment hasn’t been used for a while and has become stale or a destructive change has been made locally creating the need to reset to the good live version.

Am I missing something or do I need to make a feature request?


Hey @RWF :wave: , Thanks for your question!

In the current version (v1.0.x) you can the following:

  1. delete site from DevKinsta
  2. click on Create new site
  3. choose “Import from Kinsta”
  4. select your live environment

We’ll improve this sync flow soon. “Pull from live” would be a great feature :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying @peterkota – is it possible to move this post to the feature requests forum?


@RWF sure :slight_smile:

@michael can you help us move it to feature request section?

Great idea! I’ve gone ahead and moved this to feature requests. We’ll let you know if we end up implementing this.

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this desperately needed

This would be super useful to have (with the option of selecting to pull from live or staging).

I was a little surprised to find this feature missing. Really slowing down the developer workflow when collaborating with multiple developers. Desperately need this one.


Going to join the chorus of folks asking for this feature. Without it, collaboration with other devs is fairly cumbersome. Deleting and reimporting the site whenever you need to sync with your team is brutal. Would love to see feature this sooner than later!