New website is not pushed to stage

I have recently installed Devkinsta and build a new WP website from scratch. I have now signed up for Kinsta and want to push it to staging.

I have created the staging environment and I push to staging envonrinment, but once the push is 100% complete and i go to the URL, it just shows me the WP installation page.

I have also tried to install WP on the page and then pushed it afterwards. It seemed like some plugins were pushed, but content and files were not.

I contacted support, but they could not help on this.

Hello @Heisel :wave:

It’s difficult to say from the information provided what the cause could be there, apologies. May I have you share your main.log file with us so we can take a closer look? You can attach it to your response here.

You should be able to find it using the following path depending on your Operating System:

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Hi, thanks.
I can see it includes information such as IP address and passwords. Is there a way to upload it privately so it is not open to the public?

Hi @Heisel . You can privately message me here on the DevKinsta forums with the main.log file. Could you also tell me how large the site is and what version of DevKinsta you’re using?

I have shared it now with you.
I am using the latest version (2.1.0).
The website is 3.8 GB

Thank you for sharing the log file.

I took a look at the site that’s on Kinsta. It appears the files are uploaded, but not the database :thinking: . Could you try updating DevKinsta to 2.2.0 and let me know if that helps? It can be downloaded here.