DevKinsta Issues - Mac

I’m trying to install DevKinsta, and I have run through all of the troubleshooting steps. Getting error 003 when installing docker; my mac meets all requirements

Hi @upclickdigital ! Welcome to DevKinsta! :slight_smile:

:thinking: It sounds like there might be another process stopping DevKinsta from installing Docker. Do you have an antivirus or other software perhaps blocking it? You can also try installing Docker for MacOS manually. Let me know if that helps.

I did try installing docker manually, but no luck there. I do have an antivirus, but it isn’t blocking anything.

@upclickdigital Would you be able to test with the antivirus disabled?

I just tried and it did not work.

@upclickdigital Thanks for testing that out. Could you try completely deleting DevKinsta and installing it again? It sounds like a permission issue but I’m not sure yet.