WPML String Translation Directory Not Writeable

Is there something I must or can do in terms folder permissions?

WPML is throwing this error:


WPML String Translation is attempting to write .mo files with translations to folder:

This folder appears to be not writable. This is blocking translation for strings from appearing on the site.

To resolve this, please contact your hosting company and request that they make that folder writable.

For more details, see WPML’s documentation on troubleshooting .mo files generation..

Is there any support here? I guess not.

Hi @andxdev . Welcome to DevKinsta. Apologies for the delay. We do provide support here :slight_smile:

Could you share with us a bit more on your configuration? Are you running Windows or Mac? Does the directory exist? Was this a site that was pulled or created new within DevKinsta?

Thank you @michael.

I have given up ion DevKinsta, possibly until it is more polished and receives speedy support that I need in my work.

Let us close this case.

I’m very sorry for the trouble here @andxdev . We’ll have an update soon on the next release.