Support for Composer

Are there plans to build in composer? This is a pretty important feature for us since most of our themes manage packages with composer. We could use composer outside of the container but that would lead to potential version mismatches.

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Hi @greghunt . Welcome to DevKinsta! You should still be able to use Composer on your sites once a site has been created on DevKinsta. It would be installed locally rather than on the Docker container. Have you experienced any issues implementing Composer on a site?

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Hi Michael, thanks for the reply. Yes the trouble is I may have a PHP version mismatch when using composer. For example my OS currently runs php8 but my kinsta site may be running 7.4 in its container. So if I run composer locally I may get errors with confused PHP versions

Backing this request up.
We also develop lot’s of WP sites with composer, so it would be great to have that included.

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Hi @aaronmeder @greghunt . I see what you mean. You’re correct that it’d need to do used from within the container but I understand that may not be ideal. I’ll move this over to our feature request section for our devs to take a look at.

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@aaronmeder @greghunt
Until this is part of DevKinsta, there is a simple and easy way to install composer on your DevKinsta.



Thank you for sharing @nemanjac !