No response in procesbars DevKinsta

Hey @NP_vision can you please send me via DM the last main.log file?


I shared the mail.log file.

Thank you @NP_vision , in this case, the site creation is failing due to the fact that the database already exists. Please proceed with the following:

  1. Open Docker and delete the devkinsta_db container
  2. Move to Volumes and delete devkinsta_db_data

    Then follow the steps shared earlier once again, so close DevKinsta and Docker and remove both the files, and the nginx configuration of the created site.
    Following these steps will cause the loss of the data already existing in DevKinsta regarding your sites.


The program is not succeeding.
I also see the memory is getting in trouble because of Virtual Machine Service. Is this something DevKinsta is using?

My machine has 16Gb of RAM.

Resulting in a blanco DevKinsta program.

Can you please try to close DevKinsta, being sure to close Docker too, and then try starting DevKinsta again?

I restart the process but it take a lot of memory.

I can not open the website resulting in the following error and it’s really slow:

It show a warning sign in the logo.

I’m not able to click on WP admin:

It looks like that for some reason the local domain hasn’t been added to your host file. Can you please:

  1. Open the Terminal app of your Mac
  2. Run the following command:
sudo nano /etc/hosts
  1. Write your admin password and press enter (don’t worry if while writing the password you don’t see the characters)
  2. Send me a screenshot via DM of what the terminal shows


The list is much much longer than my screen is.

For some reason, the domain amberscript.local it’s not part of that list.
You can edit the last two lines and remove the -1 from amberscript-1.local and www.amberscript-1.local and then press CTRL X, confirm with Y and then press enter.
Once the browser is restarted, you should then be able to see the site

Thanks for the information. I did the adjustments, just restarted the browser but that doesn’t change anything. Check my new host file is this correct?
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-01-24 om 10.59.46

Also the WP admin button is still grayed out.

Let’s do the same for the lines that say: amberscript-1.local
and www.amberscript-1.local


Done! But resulting in the same error after restarting the browser:

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-01-24 om 11.24.43

It looks similar but it is not, the page now shows a 500 error. You should be able to find the culprit by looking at the error.log file of your site inside DevKinsta/logs folder

Where can I find the error.log? I only have main.log and main.old.log inside the DevKinsta folder.

Ah I got it. I’ll send it via PM

The error shows that some file is missing.
Please open the site in DevKinsta, click on Sync at the top, select pull from Kinsta and after selecting the site, be sure to check only the files. Once you click on the Update local site button, DevKinsta will download the files again.


Okey. I’m trying to download the website now.
But this proces is really slow, this took me hours.


There is no way to only download some remaining files right?

There is but that would be a manual process. You would need to access to the site in Kinsta via SFTP, copy the files you need and then move them inside the same location in DevKinsta/public/sitename