DevKinsta tries to install WSL2 on Windows LTSC

I am trying to install on my Windows 10 version info here.
The installer tries to install WS2 on my system but it is compatible because I am using LTSC. LTSC only supports WS1 as of now.
The installer gets stuck at restart to install, but nothing happens after the restart.

Welcome to @black to DevKinsta!

I believe for LTSC you’ll need to manually install the update the package. I found this guide here that might help and below there’s an additional guide there on going from WSL1 to WSL2. Let me know if that helps.

I am not sure I understand correctly.
I already have WSL1 installed. WSL2 is incompatible for LTSC.
I can not upgrade to WS2 without upgrading my OS(leaving LTSC, which I do not want to).

Oh! I’m sorry about that. I’m afraid WSL2 is required for DevKinsta. Apologies for that and will be sure our documentation better reflects that.