DevKinsta Releases (Minor)

Our latest release of DevKinsta is now available!

If you are already using DevKinsta, DevKinsta should automatically update. For new users, this will be the new default download on our downloads page.

DevKinsta v1.0.2 provides the following changes:

  • Improved windows install flow (DevKinsta installs WSL2)
  • Pathing slash bugfix
  • Fixes a MacOS SSL certificate deletion issue
  • DevKinsta will now re-download the WordPress core if it is corrupted
  • Fixes windows certificate error if the path contains a space character
  • Display docker start error correctly on startup page
  • Fixes changing the project path on windows
  • Increased the Adminer upload limit
  • Minor UI changes: added a border to the gravatar icon, added a margin to the 2FA label, changed the divider color in the Kinsta site list, added max length to project name, used larger images in site list, and typo fixes in Help & Support page

DevKinsta v1.0.3 has been released.

This version fixes a major bug where Windows users could not install DevKinsta.
See the relevant thread here..

Affected users will need to re-download DevKinsta and proceed with installation.