Can't create mysql dump DK0029

I’m a Kinsta customer trying to create a new site in DevKinsta by downloading my site. During the setup process I can’t get past the downloading site step as it continually errors out with the following:

I’ve clicked the retry button multiple times without any success. I’ve also tried deleting the site and starting again as well as closing DevKinsta completely and starting again. I’ve also tried this on both a live site and a staging site with the same issues. Given the limited error information I’m not sure what else to try and of course the regular Kinsta support chat is unable to help.

Thank you,

Hi @kent . Thanks for joining us here at DevKinsta! I’m happy to help :wave: . Others have reported the same issue here as well. We’re still researching all the possible issues on this. Could you verify whether you have any antivirtus software installed and if so if you could try testing it with it disabled?