Basic DevKinsta upload and DNS redirect questions

I’m an established Kinsta hosting customer. I’ve downloaded DevKinsta to my Mac. I have a website currently hosted on Earthlink with its DNS redirected from my domain account on NetworkSolutions. My intention is to build a new version of the Earthlink site on DevKinsta, they upload that new site to Kinsta hosting and redirect the NetworkSolutions file to that new Kinsta-hosted site. My questions: 1.) When I create the new local Wordpress site in DevKinsta can I name it anything and then change its final name to the earthlink domain name when I get to the upload-to-Kinsta stage? Or is there a benefit or disadvantage to naming it the final domain name from the start on DevKinsta? 2.) Later, when I get ready to upload the new site to Kinsta do I have to take steps within my Kinsta dashboard to create a new hosting space for that upload before I actually do the upload? 3.) Once the new site has been uploaded to Kinsta, is its admin credentials the same as they were on the local DevKinsta version?