Apple Silicon's M1 Native Support

I understand it’s not you - it’s Docker.
Just in case - support for Apple Silicon would be awesome.

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As a workaround until Docker releases official support, Docker Beta/Preview is available and will work with DevKinsta. It can be downloaded here

Hello @michael is there an M1 native build available for Mac computers with Apple Silicon? When I download a build from the DevKinsta website, I don’t see an option for Apple Silicon and when opening the Mac binary I get a prompt to install Rosetta:

I’ve seen elsewhere that DevKinsta does have a native/optimised version so wondering how to obtain it? Id rather not install Rosetta unless I have to!

While we don’t offer a native build for Apple Silicon, it shouldn’t have any issues running with the current build available. Rosetta would need to be installed. If you do run into any issues however, please do let us know so we can investigate further.

Thanks for confirming. Are there any plans to make a native build for Apple Silicon on the horizon?

We haven’t announced a native build at this time and don’t current have a public roadmap but seeing increased interest here for native build helps the team here know folks are interested in this. Thanks so much for contributing here and sharing your feedback!

Ok, thanks for the update – will install under Rosetta for now.

It looks like the images need to be updated as well as the app: "Image may have poor performance, or fail, if run via emulation"

If the dev team at Kinsta needed any excuse to upgrade to the new M1 MacBook Pro’s … this is it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:🧑‍💻

Also, the just released version of Docker Desktop (4.3.0) on Apple silicon no longer requires Rosetta 2 – DevKinsta will be the last piece of software that I need Rosetta for so would be good to get this bumped up the roadmap if at all possible.

(cc: @Kevin )

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Thanks @RWF, I’ve bumped our devs with this request as well. Thanks for pointing that out about Docker 4.3.0!

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